Professional Photography Websites
For professional photographers

Why Unusual Light?

We make it easy for photographers to create, display, organize and share their photography portfolios on the internet.

We host your site, maintain it, back them up and leave them to the photography.

Fantastic Features

From fantastic folios to brilliant blogs, super shops, excellent events and everything in between Unusual Light aims to serve the entire photography community including photographers, collectives, agencies, publishers, blogs and galleries. We also offer excellent client download tools, password protected posts, PDF galleries and much more!

News & Blog

Whether you want to post updates about your exhibitions, or just want to jot down some notes about your latest projects.


Create as many as you want, include text, videos and pictures, have a different layout template for each of the, the possibilities are almost endless!


Sell products, prints, books, downloads all from your own website and use google checkouts or paypal and take payments from around the world.


Manage events, talks, exhibitions, private views and more... maybe run a gallery or a whole host of them, we've got the tools to help.


Embed your tumblr into your site to ensure your audience stays with your site and everything you do and the prints you sell.


Create static pages for your bio and contact information or whatever you want.


Our main theme is the photographers theme, it's highly customisable and can be used to create an almost limitless amount of designs.

This is Scattered. It's clean and minimal, has a left menu layout and a homepage of scattered projects with titles on hover.

You can change the fonts, colours... everything really.

More Themes

Horizontal features larger homepage featured images and a heavy top level menu which is fixed meaning it stays at the top as you scroll to the side or bottom.

Along with all our themes you can even add custom CSS to truly customise the look and feel of your personal portfolio.

Creating Galleries

Our Gallery Manager allows you to add image, text, video and HTML to your slides.

It's as easy as dragging and dropping things around!

Even More Themes

Commercial features a random full screen image on your homepage and works well with hero images

This theme works well with the our fullscreen gallery template, but if that's not to your taste you can choose any gallery template you like, just like you can with any of our themes.

Gallery Templates

Every gallery can be presented with a different template if you wished. It means you can really chose a layout that suits your specific body of work rather than just be stuck one option per theme.

Clean Themes

Centered clean is just what you'd imagine. A centered menu and title along with a random single image on the homepage.

It's ideal for displaying large photographs, especially as our gallery templates can automatically resize your images to suit the size of the viewers screen.

Customise any Theme

Customising your themes is extremely easy with a simple interface featuring color section boxes, drop down lists for fonts and more.

Commercial Themes

Whilst most of our themes are most suited to photographers portfolio sites we also have themes which are more suitable to collectives, galleries or magazines.

Homepage Banner is on such example of these themes.

Magazine Themes

Another fine example of one of our themes being suitable to magazines, galleries and collectives is Large Text.

Hovering over the titles on the homescreen changes the sites background image to the featured image from the series.

It's also extremely suitable to commercial portfolios too.

And an amazing Dashboard

We're so proud of our dashboard we just like to pay it a visit sometimes.

It features stats on your posts, analytics on your visitors and sales from your shop.

The Sandbox

In addition to all our presets choices, we even have a Sandbox mode where you can enter your own custom HTML.

Plus we can install just about any other wordpress based themes for a small fee, or you can work with our designers (or your own) to develop a truly custom theme for your site.

Import, export, sync,
publish & share

As we're built upon a wordpress system we have all the amazing syndication ability that comes with that software.
This means you can import your feeds automatically into facebook, twitter, google plus or whatever social platform comes around the corner next!

We work with our members
To make a better service
for everone

idea light bulb
It’s a simple concept. If you have an idea for some new functionality you'd like to see, then let us know, we might just make it and do it all for free to benefit all our members!

The team

We have a small friendly team of developers who are also photographers.

Because of this we feel we have a better understanding about what our users want, and as we're small it means we aren't faceless and are accountable for what we do... which is great because we're extremely proud of it!

Photographers development fund
and our referrals program

We want to give back to the community who make us who we are.

So when any new site that is added to our system we either give a referral to the lovely people who introduced our new members or put funds aside for an upcoming photographers development fund.

We also give free sites to non profits and independents in the photography industry. More information coming soon.


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