Admin Interface and System Improvements

October 11, 2013 at 2:22 pm

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We’re always trying to make Unusual Light much easier for our users to work with, part of this has recently been redeveloping the admin interface.

We’ve made some new tweaks, introduced a brand new colour scheme and simplified the menus structure no end!



Dashboard Widgets

Also, we’ve created a couple of brand new dashboard widgets… I know this doesn’t sound as interesting, but stay with us…

News Feed

Our Unusual Light news feed is now available right from the front of your dashboard, this should help keep all of our users up to date with the goings on with the system, it’s new features and themes.

Welcome message and checklist

We wanted to try and cut down on the learning curve for the system, part of this was continuing the development of our wiki pages but the other part was ensuring our users can get access to them from the off and in an easy way. The welcome message outlines a checklist of the most frequent tasks people face when building their websites and gives users access to the relevant guides.

Just like all other dashboard widgets, these can be hidden, so if you don’t want to see them, head to screen options and remove them!


The Admin Interface

As we’re based on wordpress we’ve decided to move our admin interface to their new MP6 interface. Along with some quite a few tweaks, this should make updating and creating your website a much more pleasant experience.


System Improvements

Over the past couple of months we’ve also been concentrating on tweaking the main system to ensure the sites are performing as smoothly as possibly.

This has involved a number of adjustments including:


  • Upgrading to PHP 5.4
  • MySQL database optimisations
  • Cleansing over 1GB from the database
  • Core WordPress upgrades
  • Many plugin updates


We’ve got more updates coming soon, so watch this space.


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