Launching new websites and new features

March 13, 2012 at 2:41 pm

Over the past few weeks we’ve been busy over here at folio, testing out our features and loading up some amazing content by brilliant photographers which we’ll go over shortly!

We’ve also been working hard to introduce some new features, some of which may stick around whilst others may get brushed away with the cobwebs they collect. Here’s a list of some new features since our last post:


We not have a fantastic explore gallery where selected curators will be rumaging through the content of public sites to feature their amazing work. Unlike most sites we’re only going to be showcasing the “featured image” and title, which will then link into the content on your own site, as you’d want it to be viewed!


Everyone has a social network and now we do too! the main purpose of this is offer help and support to new folio users, help them get the most out of their site through conversations with other users as well as our own staff.

Site shortcodes:

Want to list the users on your site on a special page or maybe just list the latest 5 posts you’ve made to your blog category on your home page. This is now easier than ever before with some fancy site shortcodes. you can find more about this in our forum.

Site stats:

Just to give you an idea about how fast we’re growing as a community, we’re sharing plenty of our stats with you right in our footer!

Back to those new folio sites.

We’re pleased to announce Ben Roberts and on the site and can let you know we’re currently working on bringing over LPV Magazine, Fraction Magazine as well as Statement ImagesEmiliano Granado and a load of others!


We’ve got a load more planned too, and we’ll keep working hard on these new features so you can relax and work on your photography.