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October 1, 2013 at 1:20 pm

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Another recent Unusual Light feature is our recent addition of the mobile themes.

If you’re using our main theme (the photographers theme) you’ll now find a little mobile section in the theme preferences area, here you can activate the mobile view for small screens and hand held devices.

Don’t worry, all of your existing settings such as colours, fonts, sizes etc. will all be preserved, this function just introduces a responsive element to the design meaning it better displays content for users who have restrictive space on their devices to view your work.

Here’s a comparison of how our horizontal preset looks when presenting your portfolio on a monitor and a phone:

As you can see, it even adjusts the galleries to ensure they are fully accessible. At the moment this means all galleries will be rendered in a top down view with vertical scrolling, though be we have plans in the future for this feature to be optional and thus preserve your gallery layout fully.

This update has been tested with the latest versions of Apple’s iOS platform on iPhone’s and iPads as well as the latest version of on Android using chrome browser.

Stay tuned for more updates shortly.


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