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September 30, 2013 at 3:48 pm

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We’ve been working away furiously over the past couple of months on continuing the development of Unusual Light and we’ve made some massive progress in redeveloping our theming system.

We quietly launched it last week for our existing users and today we are proudly announcing it to the public.

This new theming system will be easier for our developers to create brand new designs which will mean all of our users will get a much greater choice in how to present their work online.

Here’s a rundown on some of our latest theme presets all available for free:


The Horizontal

A clean light theme with a horizontal scrolling set of images on the homepage. Website title sits to the top left of the screen and the menu to the top right.

This is currently our default theme which should greet new users when they’ve just signed up to the platform.

The Photoblogger

A simple theme for photobloggers, This has a large header, centered with a menu displayed beneath it. Lower is a list of posts with an image to one side which alternates between left and right sides.

Large Text

Lists the website title and the menu in the top left. It’s homepage outputs the titles of your projects/portfolios in a large font. Hovering the title of the projects changes the website background.


Utilising a mono spaced font with a left hand side menu and title this preset also introduces a scattered homepage where posts are presented at random with different spacing each time.

Magazine Collective

Designed with magazines, collectives and agencies in mind, this preset presents the latest posts with more emphasis than the older ones. It has a top centered menu and title with a solid colour block behind.


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