Sandbox Mode

October 3, 2013 at 9:49 am

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Love Unusual Light but want a little more control over your theme? Are you a HTML guru? Well this is definitely for you then!

Our Sandbox mode theme is essentially a blank canvas for you to paint a HTML theme of a picture for your Unusual Light account. Enter your own custom code and use our shortcode and variable system to pull in all your content and get your portfolio presented exactly as you need it to be presented.

We’ve started to compile a list of instructions for using the sandbox theme over on our wiki, but we do understand that it isn’t exactly thorough right now, but this is all part of the evolution from beta to release.

Plus, we hope that the theme will continue to be developed with input from users so we can help shape it into exactly what they require it to be. So if you need a new variable or shortcode adding to the system, just let us know, or if you need a new area for your custom code we can look at making that for you too.

UL Sandbox is now available to all users in their theme area.


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