Where have we been and what have we been doing?

Despite it being a little while since our last post on the blog, we’ve not actually been absent, nor have we been neglecting the platform. Far from it actually.

As well as working daily to help our users and develop new themes and sites for our clients we’ve also been hard at work continuing the development of Unusual Light.

New dashboard:

2014-06-28 13.30.55

Our new dashboard launched yesterday. As well as some fancy charts, graphs and maps the hope is that it will be easier for users to get the information they need from their site at a quick glance. This includes:

Details on blog comments, visitor analytics statistics from the last 30 days, shop sales stats and quick links to create new content.

2014-06-28 13.31.49 2014-06-28 13.32.04 2014-06-28 13.33.01

We’ll be adding more content to this area as time goes on, and we’re listening to your ideas, so if you have a feature you’d like to see in this area then let us know in the comments.

Images are photographs of live dashboards, not mockups

Interactive photo essays plugin:

Over the past few years there has been an increase on the amount more interactive photo essays to be published and produced by the likes of New York Times (eg: 1, 2, 3).

We’ve seen this demand emerging and started to develop our plugin photo essays plugin in September last year.

Our plugin will allow users to easily create a series of “panes” which can contain, video, text, html, photos or basically any sort of web object you can imagine. Videos can automatically play when they are on the screen and pause when they move off. Each slide can have background sounds attached and be loaded with different sorts of animations, including the “slow animation” which loads a single frame per each mousewheel scroll on the site!

We’re almost ready to go live with this, but before then we’re looking to work with photographers and create some test cases.

We’ll create a blog post in the coming week where people can propose working with us.


New Tumblr theme:

We’ve been developing a new tumblr theme for our users over the last half a year.

This theme is highly customisable and will allow users to embed the theme into their Unusual Light theme quickly whilst offering a large variety of layout options which should see it fit extremely well in their site. This tumblr theme will be launched in beta mode early next week.

Watch our blog for more information.


New templates:

We’re almost ready to launch two new templates and a brand new presentation slideshow.

The new presentation slideshow will allow users to open their slideshows with a single image, video, text or a series of slideshow and will contain navigation links to allow visitors to easily move to another series of images. More on this next month.


General updates and maintenance:

If all of the above wasn’t enough to keep us busy, as always there’s been some updates and maintenance, code tweaks, bug fixes and adjustments to keep our fingers coding away!

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Admin Interface and System Improvements

We’re always trying to make Unusual Light much easier for our users to work with, part of this has recently been redeveloping the admin interface.

We’ve made some new tweaks, introduced a brand new colour scheme and simplified the menus structure no end!


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Sandbox Mode

Love Unusual Light but want a little more control over your theme? Are you a HTML guru? Well this is definitely for you then!

Our Sandbox mode theme is essentially a blank canvas for you to paint a HTML theme of a picture for your Unusual Light account. Enter your own custom code and use our shortcode and variable system to pull in all your content and get your portfolio presented exactly as you need it to be presented. (more…)

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New Mobile themes

Another recent Unusual Light feature is our recent addition of the mobile themes.

If you’re using our main theme (the photographers theme) you’ll now find a little mobile section in the theme preferences area, here you can activate the mobile view for small screens and hand held devices.

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New Theme Presets

We’ve been working away furiously over the past couple of months on continuing the development of Unusual Light and we’ve made some massive progress in redeveloping our theming system.

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Bank Holiday Website Deal

It’s a dull bank holiday and we’ve found ourselves a few spare hours so have decided to offer a new members (*1) sign-up deal!

All this week (until 02/09/13) we’ll be offering our basic website build service (*2) for only £180 (including the £60 annual fee for the Unusual Light account).


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Send us pictures to put on the walls of our new office

We recently moved into a new office and our walls are still a little bare in places so we’ve decided to see if anyone wanted to send us some pictures to put up. (more…)

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Now you can import content from indexhibit

Over the years we’ve made many websites on the indexhibit platform and it served us well. But after years without updates and becoming bored of having to write hacks to deal with things you’d expect it to do naturally we started looking elsewhere, when the brief suited.

Indexhibit was a great platform and still is for many people, but should you want to move on to a new path which better suits you’re online activity, until now, all of that lovely content you created on indexhibit was locked into it.

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Launching new websites and new features

Over the past few weeks we’ve been busy over here at folio, testing out our features and loading up some amazing content by brilliant photographers which we’ll go over shortly!

We’ve also been working hard to introduce some new features, some of which may stick around whilst others may get brushed away with the cobwebs they collect. Here’s a list of some new features since our last post:

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