Admin Interface and System Improvements

We’re always trying to make Unusual Light much easier for our users to work with, part of this has recently been redeveloping the admin interface.

We’ve made some new tweaks, introduced a brand new colour scheme and simplified the menus structure no end!


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New Mobile themes

Another recent Unusual Light feature is our recent addition of the mobile themes.

If you’re using our main theme (the photographers theme) you’ll now find a little mobile section in the theme preferences area, here you can activate the mobile view for small screens and hand held devices.

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New Theme Presets

We’ve been working away furiously over the past couple of months on continuing the development of Unusual Light and we’ve made some massive progress in redeveloping our theming system.

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Where can I see a list of your features?

Well, you have the home page, and then there is a more detailed breakdown of our features and service over here.

Can I use my own domain name?

Of course you can, we give you instructions and assistance in setting this up for you. Or if you need more help we can do it for you for a small fee.

Do I need to pay for hosting?

Not really. We host all of your site on our platform. If you have any other applications or uses for hosting, such as hosting email, then you may still want this. We can however discuss alternatives and see if we can help reduce these costs for you.

Can I use my own domain name?

Of course you can, we give you instructions and assistance in setting this up for you. Or if you need more help we can do it for you for a small fee.

Can I develop whilst my current website is still live?

Of course you can, you can use our free domain in the mean time to be able to start uploading work, testing things out and even getting some clients to take a look and get some feedback (we always recommend client feedback!).

What about email?

At the moment we don’t offer email hosting, just websites. But you can continue to use your existing email hosting if you require it, sign up for a service elsewhere or alternatively use email forwarding to send your email to a free service such as gmail etc.

I use FTP to send clients files, can you offer this service?

In a word. No. But we offer a client download tool where you can send clients links to password protected pages on your site which includes links to your download files. This is fantastic for keeping all your branding there and making it easy for clients to get the files (no need to send over ftp account information, or to explain what FTP is!). If you really wanted to you could use your existing hosting for it.

Do you offer a free trial?

We don’t believe in free trials or test systems, these things are just open to spam and hackery! Instead, what we offer is a no questions asked 7 working day (that’s not 7 days, it’s longer!) no quibble refund policy!
I say no quibble, but if you did want a refund, we’d probably ask why, just to see if we could help you out, or if there was a way we could better our service in the future.

How/Where do I login?

When you signed up to Unusual Light you were been sent an email containing your site details. This informed you of your username, password and login link (this link is basically your domain plus /admin eg:

How many free themes have you got for me to chose from?

Well, we have a handful of themes, but one of them is extremely customisable and can be used to create an almost limitless amount of different themes, so this is tricky to answer!
We give you the ability to set your site’s colours, fonts (with a choice of over 500 web safe fonts), menu positions, transparencies, loading animations, gallery layouts, layouts for categories, add a drop down menu, upload your logo’s and much more… such as having full CSS control of your site!

Do you offer custom designs?

Of course we do! We have a team of designers who can offer you a quote and speak to you about your wants and needs. You can come to them with no idea at all or even a ready made design you’ve mocked up in photoshop, they’re extremely flexible! Pricing of custom designs are determined by the designer and if you wanted you can even speak to them before signing up.

I have a great idea can you do this…

More than likely the answer is yes! And when users ask us to create new features, most of the time we’ll do it for free if it’s something that will benefit our whole community. If it’s something that’s just for you, that’s cool too and we can sort out a quote for you.

I’m not a photographer, can I use your service?

No, but you should still get in touch. Our platform was created for photographers and people and bodies withing the photographic industry, and them alone.
However, our designers are fantastic and work with many different people and companies. So get in touch and introduce you:

What was with the name change?

We were never really launched before, but we started using folio sites as a temporary term to describe what we were doing. After a few months went by, we found through their users contacting us, a similarly named service. So we thought we’d change it!

So why name it Unusual Light

Well, we wanted a name that wasn’t limited to just being used for portfolio sites. Unusual Light is that, it’s obscure enough that we can release a book, host a show or create a magazine if we so desired.
In terms of specifically why Unusual Light… well it’s just something that all photographers seemed to be drawn to, we see it and want to photograph it. Plus the domain name wasn’t taken which was a bonus.

Are your sites SEO friendly?

We’re completely SEO friendly. Every site comes with tools to help you tag up and and describe your content to make it easier for search engines robots to read.

Can I host your code on my own server?

Not really, no. One thing we wanted to do with our service, was to take care of all the updating stuff ourselves, we don’t want photographers to have to worry about something going wrong and then having to pay someone to come in and rescue them. We want them to just concentrate on their work.
You can however host your images off of our sites on a CDN service… don’t worry if this sounds scary, if it’s something you want we can talk you through it.

Do you offer analytics and stats?

We have several google analytics tools where you can view the stats right in your dashboard! No need to keep logging into google analytics. We also have wordpress stats available to you through their jetpack plugin.

Do your sites use HTML or FLash?

All our sites are completley HTML and javascript. Whilst flash may be used on some sites through external video players we are firm believers of avoiding using any code which restricts viewers, so flash is out.

How many galleries can I have?

Absolutely. we don’t limit the amount of pages users can have, though we do reserve the right to take each user on a case by case basis… just in case they decide to host 2million galleries or something crazy!

How do you increase loading times?

We help users compress their images down to safe sizes for web, going from 1mb to 100kb in some cases.
All our sites use a caching system to speed up resource hogging scripts and serve smaller less intesive html files. We also offer CDN tools, so if you want extra speed you can sign up to a service and link up your site to get even faster speeds.

How secure are your sites? Can you stop users from downloading my images?

You can never stop users from download or “stealing” your images. If it can be seen it can be photographed! or on a computer it can be screen-grabbed. So I wouldn’t worry about this too much. We can make it a little more difficult though, disabling right clicks through an addon etc.

Can I have password protected galleries?

yep, we have these! you create a gallery, set it to password protected, give it a password and then you can share it with your clients, friends and family to your hearts content.

Are your sites viewable on iPhones/iPads and Android Tablets/Phones

As we use HTML and ensure the code is clean, sites should work well on all browsers, including mobiles and tablets.

Can I customise my homepage:

Yep, you can chose to have the homepage be any type of gallery in our system like these, or a static image, or text, or a list of all the posts on the site, a series of images etc.

Can I have a logo image?

Our themes allows you to easily upload a logo image (this is our default theme and very customisable).

Can I have a newsletter sign up

We don’t offer this service at the moment, but you can sign up to any service out there such as mailchimp (who we love) and grab their signup code for and paste it into the widget area or a page for it to appear on the site!

Can I have intro text or a description for my gallery

You can have as many text slides throughout the galleries as you need. this includes using HTML which can include embedded videos.

Can I have long captions for my images

Of course you can, just chose a gallery template that has captions!

Can I have some social networking share buttons

We have a few different addons that have a few different styles for this! Addthis is one of our favorites as it gives you stats on who is sharing your work and how many people are clicking on it… which is pretty cool.

I need a guide to do such and such?

Whilst we’re still building some of our guides and making things super easy to do we’re happy to receive emails asking about things, so just drop us a line. We also have a wiki which we’re working on, so be sure to check that out too and even contribute if you want.

How does the explore feature work?

We have a few team members who browse all the posts on the network and then if they see something they like they feature it in the explore area. All links here go straight to the photographers site to give them all the exposure in their own space.

I was featured in explore but now it’s gone

Don’t worry about this, it could be that you edited your work after it was explore. This takes it out of the explore area so we can ensure that no one is using it for evil deeds.

What’s the best way to prepare my images?

Best thing to do is export them at a size you want them at. We tell people to aim for around 1000px on the longest edge and to use save for web with a compression of around 79%. But every image is different and some may be able to be compressed more and others less. Best thing to do is aim for around 150-200kb per image by dragging the compression way down until the image looks horrid, and then drag it back up till it looks good.

Do you backup our data?

Yes indeed we do. We have daily backups in process at the moment, but we also give you the tools to export all your site’s data should you need to and we recommend that you do this from time to time.

How can I join your referral program?

Best thing to do is get in touch with us. Send us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we have a minute.

Where can I find out more information on your Photographers Development Fund?

You can find more information about our fund over here

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