For photographers we have one set fee. £60 per year.

Gold, Platinum and Super? What? For photographer portfolios we don’t have anything like that! What we do have is a single fee per year which is the same for everyone. We believe if you have a big portfolio you shouldn’t have to pay more and if you’re low on cash we don’t want your portfolio to be low on content!
Thats it, noting more or nothing less. And we promise not to advertise our service on your website! If you’d like to mention our service, that’s completely up to you!

We do have a slightly different pricing structure for agencies, collectives, magazines and galleries etc. Please contact us for more information if this sounds like it may be what you want.


Here’s what you get.


Feature Included
Free Domain Mapping : Yes
Unlimited Pages Yes
Unlimited Photo Galleries Yes
Unlimited Images Yes
Unlimited Bandwidth * Yes
Unlimited Disk Space * Yes
Free Sub-Domain ( Yes
Access to multiple gallery presentation templates Yes
Access to free customisable themes Yes
Advanced Customization (CSS Support) Yes
Password Protected Galleries/Pages Yes
Scheduled posting Yes
Google Analytics integration Yes
Website FavIcon Yes
Code maintained by us Yes
Daily Backups by us Yes
Forum support Yes
Email support Yes
Access to a community of photogrpahers Yes
Shopping cart modules Yes
Events management tools Yes
Client Download Tools Yes

* – At present we have no fair usage policy, but reserve the right to introduce one at some point in the future.


And not just that!

We’re constantly developing new features for the platform and we listen to what our users want to see. If you suggest a feature and we think others would like it too, then we implement it! If it’s something that only you’ll want. Then we can talk about it!


But should you even want something more than this, we’re happy to discuss?

As well as our standard packages we’re always happy to talk to you about a more custom website or to offer help setting things up (we understand that coding things isn’t a glorious way to spend to everyone), So here’s some of the things we can offer:

100% fully custom theme. For when you want your portfolio to stand out - From £200.
Installation of an existing theme – From £20
Data Migration from your current website – From £100 (alternatively we can freely supply you with the tools to do this yourself)
Help setting up your domain name server – From £10
Self host our system From – £100
Skype or telephone support – £100


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